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AB15RT - 15m Fall Arrest WinchABTECH AB15RT
15m fall arrest recovery, with an integral winch mechanism. Swivel anchor eye on top. Can be mounted onto a Tripod or Davit arm. Weight: 10kg Line: 15m Galvanised Wire Rescue Lifting Max Rated Load: 150kg NOTE: Winch should be covered/ stored in a dry place, when not in use.

30104 - Small Upper Davit ArmABTECH UPPER DAVIT 30104
Small Upper Davit, with an adjustable offset. To be used with a Lower Davit and Base. Weight: 10kg

30108 - Small Lower DavitABTECH LOWER DAVIT 30108
Small Lower Davit. To be used with an Upper Davit and Barrel Mount. Weight: 6kg Height: 1016mm

30161 - Barrel MountABTECH BARREL MOUNT 30036To be used with Davit Arms. To fit shoring, with a maximum width of 57mm. Weight: 18kg

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