Our Team

Pat Flannery

Patrick Flannery - Managing Director, NTS UK Ltd

Patrick Flannery is the UK Managing Director supporting our operations throughout the UK. We have branches in Leeds and Chinnor, 25 miles outside London. Patrick has almost 30 years’ experience in the trench safety sector having previously held multiple management posts with Groundforce/Shorco and Mabey Hire. Patrick studied at the Leeds College of Building during his early years in the construction industry. He is well-known and respected within the temporary works sector in the UK, he has worked on many major basement projects particularly in London.

Matthew Green - Technical & Design Director

Matthew Green is the Technical & Design Director for NTS UK and heads up the UK engineering team. Matthew has over 17 years’ experience within the specialist shoring/groundworks industry and is a native of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Prior to joining National Trench Safety Matthew worked as Major Projects Manager for Mabey Hire UK. He also worked as Senior Engineer (Major projects) for Groundforce/Shorco and has over 10 years of working within the major propping market where he designed and managed large and complex temporary works projects throughout the UK and Europe.

Andrew Ward - Senior Civil & Structural Engineer

Andrew Ward is a Civil and Structural Engineer, with 17 years Design, Build & Lecturing experience, within the Construction Industry. He has had particular focus on Water / Building / Highway & Rail Industry (Permanent and Temporary Works) after graduating from The University of Bradford, with a BEng Civil & Structural Engineering (Hons) Degree. He communicates confidently and effectively at all levels and uses initiative to meet the highest standards. Andrew actively involves himself in teams, to meet design briefs and deadlines, bridging the link between strategy and operations. As a committed engineer involved in research and development, he takes a key role in delivering and implementing best practice and new processes throughout the business. Andrew is responsible for the Design and Project Management of groundworks projects, throughout the UK.

Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke - National Sales Manager

Michael has spent his career working in sales for the civil engineering and groundworks Industry, developing an extensive portfolio of customers. After almost 40 years working in sales for Mabey Hire, Michael progressed to National Trench Safety UK, into the role of National Sales Manager. He has focused the sales team in promoting not only industry standard shoring equipment but also our specialist slide rail system which is a recent introduction to the UK market and available exclusively through NTS. In Michaels spare time, he continues his lifelong passion as a dedicated Leeds United Fan.

Keith Mason

Keith Mason - Technical Sales

Keith has worked in the construction industry for over 40 years. He began his career as a Scaffolder, before working as a shoring demonstrator, for Unipas Services. Keith was tasked with providing support when using sheets & frames; trench boxes and slide rail systems - when slide rail was new to the British market. Since then, Keith developed into the role of Area Sales Manager, working for Groundforce/Shorco, Mabey Hire and now National Trench Safety UK (NTS). Keith’s role is to help the customer find the best solution that suits their situation, with a view to getting the job done safely and as cost effectively as possible.

Karl Clayton - Operations Manager

Karl began his career, working as an apprentice in welding and fabrication completing his NVQ Level 2 and 3 Diploma in Engineering - Fabrication and Welding. This facilitated his progression in 2011 to Mabey Hire, where Karl was responsible, as the charge hand, for the repair and fabrication of Mabey Hire groundworks shoring equipment. As part of the role, Karl achieved the IOSH Qualification – Managing Safety. Karl subsequently further developed his career, following his appointment as National Trench Safety UK Depot Manager, later progressing to Operations Manager

Sue Maddison

Sue Maddison - Depot Manager, Leeds UK & Chinnor

Sue is the Branch Manager for NTS’s Leeds & Chinnor Branches. Sue began her career in financial services, working in the Stock Exchange / Stock Broking industry. She later worked as Customer Support for Bass Brewery, before moving into the Hire Industry. Sue was responsible for coordinating the rental of generator and lighting equipment for outside events, moving onto rental of drainage equipment and crawler crane camera equipment. At National Trench Safety UK, Sue manages the processing of all the contracts for Leeds & Chinnor, including invoices; quotes; credit control and purchasing.


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