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10 Minute Escape Kit



£450.00 Exl VAT

Dräger’s Positive Pressure Emergency Escape Set is designed to provide safe and unhampered escape from hazardous environments where breathing has become difficult or endangered.

Proven pneumatics give very low breathing resistance and a consistent air flow rate at all cylinder pressures. The unit comes equipped with the proven Panorama Nova facemask which gives low exhalation resistance, a close and comfortable fit and a self-demisting visor for clear vision.


Drager offers the Saver CF15 escape set for protection in a hazardous environment where smoke or toxic fumes may be present.  The CF emergency escape device uses an escape hood with positive pressure, providing a continuous supply of breathing air for 15 minutes.

Housed in a bright soft bag the Drager CF15 is light and comfortable to carry which is ideal for escaping from an emergency situation.  The material used for the bag is highly resistant to flames and can be easily washed and drained.  The bag also features a transparent window which allows the pressure gauge on the cylinder to be viewed without taking it out of the bag.

It’s also important to note that this Drager escape set requires very little maintenance over its lifetime and also requires minimal training.


• Escape hood means it’s suitable for those who have facial hair or wear glasses
• Can be wall mounted with additional accessories
• Storage cabinet available for safekeeping
• More escape time and case options available
• Wear over the shoulder or as a chest bag
• Provides a consistent rate of air flow until the cylinder is empty at which point an alarm whistle will sound

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 510 × 260 × 190 mm


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