Hydraulics for optimised and safe removal of slide rail.

The state-of-the-art SBH Hydralifter is designed to enable you to remove even larger trench shoring plates and slide rails quickly, safely and exceptionally easily. Because the Hydralifter is equipped with integrated hydraulic cylinders which can increase the lifting force to either 50 or 100 tonnes, it is ideal for use with smaller-sized excavators which then have absolutely no trouble pulling out trench shoring plates and slide rails. Both the T50 and T100 models are optimised for use with Oilquick, Likufix as well as other fully-hydraulic power units.

It is mandatory to follow the operation manual strictly! It is not allowed to use the machine without an HEM beam!

The Hydralifter boasts an inbuilt rotary motor that allows it to be controlled and positioned with the utmost precision. The Hydralifter itself is operated from the operator’s cab. The SBH Hydralifter allows you to remove trench shoring systems quickly and safely while ensuring that both the machines and material are subjected to a minimum of strain and stress.


Weight: 1,000kg
Lifting capacity: 50,000kg
Lifting height: 1,150mm
Total height: 3,300mm
Max working pressure: 310bar


Weight: 1,400kg
Lifting capacity: 100,000kg
Lifting height: 1,400mm
Total height: 3,300mm
Max working pressure: 310bar

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