Gas Valve Replacement – Abernyte


Introduction: As part of National Grids refurbishment of their network, Fastflow were contracted to expose the buried pipework and carry out the valve refit. Fastflow engaged NTS (UK) to carry out the Design and Supply of the excavation support, ladder access and edge protection.

Challenges: The site was in a remote location, therefore joint planning was key to the scheme. The water table was high and the soils were poor. The site boundary being small, meant that plant such as excavators and cranes, also influenced the excavation support.

Solution: NTS System 80 hydraulic frames are versatile and can be used with a variety of methods, including trench sheet/ sheet pile, beam & plate systems and slide rail systems.

NTS (UK) supplied 5,000mm long KKD 600/8 trench sheets, with a System 80 upper frame, to form a 13,590mm x 8,500mm cofferdam.

Four points of entry were made, using NTS (UK) ladder platforms—these were accompanied with Emergency Davits.

The cofferdam was protected using NTS (UK) edge protection, clamped to the 200mm trench sheet upstands.

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