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This trench shoring system has got three guides for the trench shoring plates. The trench shoring is very robust and designed for extreme site conditions. Nevertheless, the trench shoring system remains fast and flexible during the assembly.

Due to the huge dimensions, strut clearances can be realised which are not exceeded by any competitive trench shoring system.

Heavy construction machinery must be available in order to handle the weight of the slide rail frame.

Also the height must be appropriate to set up the triple slide rail frame. This trench shoring system is mainly used in very deep trench constructions where high strut clearances are required and where the soil tends to settings.

Max installation depth: 11.60m
Trench width: 3.31 – 9.31m
Strut clearance height: Max 5.00m
Chain excavator: 80 – 100ft

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