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The SBH Rolling Strut Box is a trench shoring box which at the same time offers the advantages of the slide rail shoring. The trench shoring plates are strut and supported by the well-proven rolling strut successfully used in the slide rail trench shoring for a long time.

The strut clearance heights are infinitely variable and can be set according to the specific needs of the site. The required working width is realised by means of distance pieces. Each component is individually slidable during installation and removal. Plates and rolling struts are moved parallel to each other.

This reduces the forces required during the installation and removal significantly. When laying excessively long pipes, the rolling struts can be positioned offset in height and thus allowing the laying of the pipes.

Rolling Strut Boxes are mainly used for trench shoring projects where also great strut clearance heights are required.

Max installation depth: 4.00m
Trench width: 1.36 – 4.36m
Strut clearance height: 1.93 – 2.78m
Mobile and chain excavator: 18 – 30ft

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