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The Maxi Box allows the laying of pipes with a very great pipe diameter. It is possible to positon three different strut clearance heights. The max. strut clearance height is 2,29 m.

The top of the trench shoring plate is extremely reinforced in order to stand the high loads during the lowering. At the same time, the robust cutting edge allows to cut even firm ground.

In order to minimise the deformation, the side parts are equipped with additional bars. The use of the flexible yellow trench shoring spindle allows to resist high compressive forces. Maxi Boxes are mainly used in trench depths of 2 – 4 m.

Max installation depth: bis 4.00m
Trench width: 1.20 – 4.38m
Strut clearance height: bis 2.29m
Mobile and chain excavator: 18 – 30ft

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