HOUSTON, T.X.—National Trench Safety, LLC (NTS), a Houston-based company specializing in the rental and sales of trench and traffic safety equipment, trench and traffic safety engineering, and OSHA-compliant training classes, announced today the opening of a new branch operation in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We’re excited to be strengthening our presence in the Dallas and Fort Worth markets,” explained Ron Chilton, President of NTS.  “We have been the dominant trench and traffic safety supplier in the Dallas metroplex   for a number of years.  With the continued growth in the Ft. Worth trade area, it has become increasingly important that we add an additional location in that area to be able to maintain the superior service levels that our customers have come to expect. This new location in the Western portion of the metroplex, will expand our branch footprint while also allowing us to continue to grow our overall position in the market.”

The new NTS Fort Worth branch will be managed by Randy Towns a seasoned trench safety veteran who is well known in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth market.  “Randy has a significant amount of experience in the trench safety industry and has established a strong rapport with the local customer base,” remarked Chilton.

The Fort Worth operation is the 32<sup>nd</sup> branch location for National Trench Safety in the United States and England. This large national footprint allows NTS to provide its national, regional and local market customers a fully integrated, national branch network delivering  unique engineered solutions, the highest level of customer service and the most cost effective shoring solutions in the industry.

In maintaining its objective of building a nationwide network of trench and traffic safety branches, NTS plans to open several additional branch locations over the next 12 months.  For more information about NTS, visit the National Trench Safety website at <a href=”https://www.ntsafety.co.uk/”>ntsafety.wpengine.com</a>.

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<strong>About National Trench Safety:
</strong>National Trench Safety is dedicated to providing the construction industry with the most complete line of trench and traffic safety equipment, as well as cutting edge engineered solutions and OSHA-compliant training classes.  With a proven track record of success, National Trench Safety expertly provides unique solutions to the most difficult and complex project needs. National Trench Safety is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products, most diverse and broad product/fleet offerings and the most comprehensive customer training in the industry. National Trench Safety—“<em>The Trench and Traffic Safety Specialists</em>”.

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